Polish atheist, humanist, secular civil society organizations
support European Parliament action on rule of law in Poland

13 September 2020

In view of the debate scheduled for 14 September in the European Parliament (EP) on the activation of the Article 7 procedure for Poland, supported by all European MEPs except those from the extreme right or the Polish and Hungarian government parties, the undersigned civil society organizations express their support to the European Humanist Federation (EHF) 13 August statement on the matter.

The increasing attacks on the rule of law in Poland are taking the form of dangerous violence against citizens and their rights, especially women, LGBT+ and non-believers, of a proposal to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, of the creation of LGBT-free zones or of the inscription of "God, honor, Patria" on Polish passports. Brutal actions of police against LGBT protesters in Warsaw on 7 August are qualified in the Final Report of the Mechanism for the Prevention of Torture published on 9 September not only as degrading, but also as inhuman treatment. The Polish authorities, rather than reacting seriously to steps taken by the EU like the cancellation of grants for the communities which declared themselves "LGBT-free zones", on the contrary promised these communities on 18 August a compensation of three times the lost amount.

We therefore believe that strong measures must be taken to prevent the further destruction of fundamental democratic values in Poland. In this context, we appreciate and support the EHF's call for the respect of human rights and civil liberties as well as the rule of law in Poland.

It is our deepest conviction that acting under Article 7 of the EU Treaty is not against Poland, but in defense of a free, democratic, and secular Poland, where nobody is persecuted or discriminated against. That is the Poland we have always advocated for.

  1. Association against the Culture of Exclusion (Stowarzyszenie przeciwko Kulturze Wykluczenia)

  2. Association for Rationalist and Enlightenement Education (Stowarzyszenie Wszechnica Racjonalistyczno -Oświeceniowa))

  3. Association "Good Thinking Forum" and radio station "Postradio"" (Stowarzyszenie Forum Dobrej Myśli i radio racjonalistyczne "Postradio"

  4. Atheist Coalition (Koalicja Ateistyczna)

  5. Atheists (Ateiści) Facebook group

  6. Atheist Review (Przegląd Ateistyczny)

  7. Freedom from Religion Foundation (Fundacja Wolność od Religii)

  8. Group "Enough Silence" (Grupa "Dość Milczenia")

  9. Kazimierz Lyszczynski Foundation (Fundacja im. Kazimierza Łyszczyńskiego)

  10. Kazimierz Lyszczynski Freethinkers Foundation (Fundacja Wolnomyślicieli im. Kazimierza Łyszczyńskiego)

  11. PolishAtheist.pl (PolskiAteista.pl)

  12. Polish Humanist Association (Towarzustwo Humanistyczne)

  13. "Secular School" Foundation (Fundacja "Świecka Szkoła")

  14. Secularity Congress (Kongres Świeckości)

Towarzystwo Humanistyczne
Humanist Assciation